The Gig
My client in the logistics is scaling their digital services and I supported this by working as a product designer for four months with their data and new business units. Working closely with their product owner, service designer and front-end developer, I helped to refine existing products and visualize and validate new concepts.
Marketing tool
This is a diverse online tool for planning and implementing direct marketing. Working with the client's data team I helped to create a new, updated version of the tool. I started with an UX evaluation of the current state and then designed a product vision concept based on my findings while adding some new features. I also utilized and contributed to the client's new design system during the project.
Health check
Customer registry health check is a feature in the marketing tool that we updated to better serve the self-service model that the Data team is aiming for. The PO provided me with the feature requests and after a few design iterations we built this refreshed service together with a front-end developer.‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč
Audience tool
This is another feature that we updated to work as a self-service tool. Like previously I got the feature request and specifications from the PO and then designed a concept prototype of the new tool.
Reach is was a new strategic concept taking a fresh look of client's ad and marketing services. I was working closely together with a service designer to bring the concept alive. First we organized a workshop to generate ideas for the service, which I then visualized in concept prototypes. Then we used customer interviews to validate our initial ideas and refined them further based on the feedback.
Ecommerce platform
This was another strategic design initiative from the client's new business services unit. I helped to create a concept prototype for ecommerce platform that brings retailers and suppliers together. The concept manager had outlined potential scenarios and user needs which the prototype was based on.  I strarted by mapping out the overall information architecture, then created rough wireframes to outline the userflows and initial content. and finally utilized the company's new design system to add in details of the platform. Finally I created several prototypes to support visualizing the story behind this brand new concept.

My role:
Visual design, UI design, UX design, product design

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