The Brief
How do you create a digital service from scratch? That’s something we helped our client in the fast casual restaurant sector to imagine. This national chain approached us with an idea to create an off-shoot, digital service company. Our mission was to kick-start a platform to enable restaurants and hospitality businesses to manage their orders, stores and inventories at scale. My role was to create a vision of the digital visual language and visualize some initial touch points of the future product. 
Defining the brand and the purpose
As a brand new operation the client was still searching for their voice. Our strategic approach helped them to crystallise the purpose of the servicer. This also meant creating a new visual language based on our brand definition.  
To find the right approach I worked together with the client using mood boards and style tiles to find the right approach.
Systemizing the design
After finding the right approach for the design language, I composed a style guide following the chosen direction and started to build a component library. This would also work as the foundation for the future design system. I also created a bespoke iconographic style for the product.
Design examples
In addition to the component library, I designed example screens to show how the design language is applied in the actual product. I worked together with our UX designers to make sure the decisions made at this point were flexible and scalable for future needs.

My role:
Visual design, UI design, brand design

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