I'm a designer with over a decade of experience in helping clients to create awesome (and occasionally award-winning) digital products and services. I have a holistic understanding of the UX design process and I'm comfortable working with both big ideas and smallest of details. The best fit for my particular skill-set is after we have a solid understanding of the problem space & our users and start crafting concrete solutions, no matter the size or shape. 
My core competence is visual design as a part of digital user experience design. This can mean anything from figuring out how brands express themselves in digital space to crafting rock-solid user interfaces. I can also work as interaction designer, thinking about journey maps, interaction models, wireframes and such. With a background in graphic design I have also a special interest in all things related to branding and visual communication.
I thrive best in a diverse, collaborative and zero bullshit environment, where everyone is aligned with doing the right thing and doing things right. I come with an innate curiosity to explore and learn which has given me an opportunity to work with people and businesses around the world.
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